Sushi Delight trusted us with the complete re-branding. Logo design, print, photography and the online shop. Douzo Meshiagare!

When most people just got to know about the existence of sushi, Chef Olav van der Linden was already busy experimenting and learning about the secrets of cooking the best possible rice for his own sushi. Being one of the first sushi chefs in Holland, he made it his mission to have everybody know about these amazing little pieces of pure and delicious food.

20 years later, Olav is still guided by the same vision—to make the best possible sushi for everyone to enjoy. All sushi is always prepared carefully and with the most attention to detail.

Olav invited the Mirnicology team to enjoy and experience the art of making sushi, and of course, we grabbed this opportunity if only for the incredible taste bomb he prepared for us. After a rice cooking class and an award-winning sushi rolling experience, we quickly became fans. It didn’t take much time to realize that Sushi Delight is a very special company run by an extraordinary person—who genuinely loves what he does.
The badge type logo design we did is mainly used for the garments we created. Having a friendly feel to it and by its form, is easily applicable.
This logo we created for use on the website. Not wanting to waste too much space this style is easily used on desktop and mobile websites.
This good and solid square type of logo is used on the stationary for Sushi Delight. Fitting nicely with the squares of A4, business cards, and envelopes. Creating a solid brand style.
If you think of sushi you think of chopsticks. That's why we created this nice set for Sushi Delight for you to buy.
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